Growing Out The Man Bun

I have been having a serious blogger block. Didn’t feel inspired to write anything till yesterday. One of my dear friend is trying to grow his hair for a man bun, and asked me how to go about it. I had decided to encourage him on this journey, so here’s what I found out. Step… Continue reading Growing Out The Man Bun


On Growing Up As an Unskinny Asian

Originally posted on Juliana Chang:
Originally published on Growing up as an Asian American, I knew I would never have the long legs or double lidded blue eyes of the models that graced the TV screens and magazines I saw. Hell, I might not even have the tan skin if my melanin continued to…


Cleaning Up Flooded Clothes – #Chennairains

The rains have done their job. It’s time or us to clean up the flooded house. On of the major concern and issue is sewage water contamination. Which can cause multitude of disease. Here’s how you can salvage your clothes. Step 1 – segregate clothes that are stained, and just soaked in water. Step 2… Continue reading Cleaning Up Flooded Clothes – #Chennairains

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Sanitary care – #Chennairains

One of the top problems that women faced during this flood was finding sanitary napkins. It still is a problem. All of us did try to pitch in by offering as much as possible. But the scarcity and the other issues associated with it is still evident. When I came across the article on the… Continue reading Sanitary care – #Chennairains


#Chennai Rains

Finally in a dry place where there is some semblance of normalcy. This past week has been the craziest in my life. The rains that lashed out in Chennai has taught me so much. I have learnt to cook with limited rations, live without power & internet, live in water scarcity (despite of having enough… Continue reading #Chennai Rains