Growing Out The Man Bun

I have been having a serious blogger block. Didn’t feel inspired to write anything till yesterday. One of my dear friend is trying to grow his hair for a man bun, and asked me how to go about it. I had decided to encourage him on this journey, so here’s what I found out.

Step 1

According to Max Bonem over at the Urban Beardsman there is going to be some awkward moments before you get that desired length and look. So be prepared for it. He says starting with a even haircut helps.

Step 2

Become friends with conditioner and comb. As your hair grows out it’s going to need more attention. A conditioner will help you in keeping those tresses soft and more manageable. If you are the kind who just runs his finger through your hair to comb it now might be the best time to get acquainted with the comb.

Step 3

Trying to grow out your hair doesn’t mean that you don’t go to your hairstylist for the next one year. You are going to need regular haircuts once in 3 months or as soon as you start seeing split ends. If you have thick wavy hair getting it thinned once

Step 4

Embrace hair care regimes. Hair spas, oil massage are some of the regimes you might want to look into if you have dry or unmanageable hair. They help in maintaining those long tresses on a longer run.

That’s all for starters. But if you want to get some pro ideas head over to Man Bun Hairstyle where they have the A-Z of man buns.

Photo courtesy: Urban Beardsman



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