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Wardrobe Cleaning Vs Evaluation

We all clean our wardrobe at least once a year. But how many of you like doing it? Or even managed to keep that cleaned up wardrobe the same more than a month?

If your answer to these questions are “No” and “Not very long” read on. I have been there. Struggled with a tornado-hit wardrobe month after month. But I came out of it the day I understood cleaning the wardrobe itself is not enough.

What do we do when we clean our wardrobe? Pull out everything. Get rid of anything that looks like rag and doesn’t fit any more (some of us even hoard these hoping to fit in one day). Give a thorough wipe down to the cupboard. Neatly fold the remaining clothes and stack them back again.

You have done the cleaning but have you cleansed what you are putting back in? What about those clothes that you never wear? The ones that need mending and are going to lie around for some more time? And the sentimental symbols. These are the ones that cause a lot of trouble in your wardrobe. They accumulate over a period of time and take up too much space as well as leave the wardrobe in a jumble

This is where a wardrobe evaluation gets so much better than just cleaning. Wardrobe evaluation makes you evaluate the clothes logically and then put it back inside. So henceforth when you are doing your cleaning, follow these steps before you put your clothes back in.

  1. Divide your clothes into absolute favorites, not favorites but yet you wear, and ones that are not worn more than 6 months.
  2. Go through each pile and toss away those that don’t fit, tattered, torn, and too big. All of it goes regardless of the sentiment.
  3. With the remaining go through each piece and ask your self why you like or don’t like it? What are the new ways to wear it? Can you make it interesting? Only keep those that you can maximize the use and rest everything goes.
  4. In the last pile check why you haven’t worn it for such a long time? If it’s about minor mending, stains etc. fix and then only put them back in.
  5. Have some fun making some new combinations and doing your mini fashion show. Do take pictures of it.

Now you are ready to put back in only those that are left out. Do you have any special methods? Leave a comment and let me know how it goes?

Enjoy your wardrobe evaluation!


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