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Why Appearance Matter?

As an Image consultant I am constantly questioned as to why there is so much focus in something as superficial as the appearance, even ridiculed at times. I have addressed this question in many ways. So when I read this article in Glamshutter I felt inspired to address this question again.

I am too fat, too skinny, too old, I have chicken legs, these are some of the common phrases that we all casually throw around. What we don’t notice is the adverse effect it has on us subconsciously.

Our body is the core of our identity. Accepting it, is the first step in developing a positive and healthy inner self. When we are constantly body shaming ourselves we shine the light on all the negative aspects of ourselves. When done over a period of time we forget about the positive aspects of ourselves. Then onwards it’s a free fall into a lowered self confidence.

I understand in this world of perfectly photoshopped beauty its very difficult to accept yourself, and very easy to put the blame on the society instead. But how people treat you is a reflection of how you treat yourself. Think about it. It’s you who knows the best and the worst side of yourself. And it’s you who can shine light at the right direction. When you point it at the wrong place you can’t blame the society.

Why the appearance? Why not something else like your self-confidence or trustworthiness? You see our brain processes information in the form of images. It’s easier to create an image of our body because it’s a tangible object. But our self confidence, trustworthiness etc are concepts. By helping our brains to associate these positive concepts with a tangible image of our body, we are making it easier for our brain to visualize these concepts and focus on it.

And that’s why we Image consultants focus on the appearance first, because loving your body is the first step to loving yourself.

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