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Hijab Tying Styles For Work (Videos)

Last week I had discussed about how to choose a ¬†hijab to wear for work ( read here). During my research for this blog I came across numerous styles to tie your Hijab. Here are my top recommendations. P.S: These ladies channels are great as well. Look out for the styling option with blazer in… Continue reading Hijab Tying Styles For Work (Videos)

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How To Look Formal With Hijab

This week has been a busy one with a lot of group sessions. In one of the sessions, a participant came up to me in the end and asked me, whether wearing Hijab at office going to make her look less formal. A very unique situation to her, so we discussed some solutions. If you… Continue reading How To Look Formal With Hijab


Growing Out The Man Bun

I have been having a serious blogger block. Didn’t feel inspired to write anything till yesterday. One of my dear friend is trying to grow his hair for a man bun, and asked me how to go about it. I had decided to encourage him on this journey, so here’s what I found out. Step… Continue reading Growing Out The Man Bun

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4 Easy Tricks For A Clutter Free Wardrobe

Are you having troubles keeping your wardrobe organized? Is spring cleaning your wardrobe breaking your back? Then read on If you don’t love it, fit in it, or need it get rid of it The moment you find some thing that you haven’t worn more than 3 months ask your self why. Fix your clothing… Continue reading 4 Easy Tricks For A Clutter Free Wardrobe

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Wardrobe Cleaning Vs Evaluation

We all clean our wardrobe at least once a year. But how many of you like doing it? Or even managed to keep that cleaned up wardrobe the same more than a month? If your answer to these questions are “No” and “Not very long” read on. I have been there. Struggled with a tornado-hit… Continue reading Wardrobe Cleaning Vs Evaluation

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Red Lipstick of Little Hope

We all need a little something to light the spark in us, once in a while. Some of us find it in our lipstick, some of us in our clothes. Red Lipstick of little hope –¬† write up by Twinkle Khanna My grandmother is 77. She has perfectly coloured hair with not a root in… Continue reading Red Lipstick of Little Hope

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Why Appearance Matter?

As an Image consultant I am constantly questioned as to why there is so much focus in something as superficial as the appearance, even ridiculed at times. I have addressed this question in many ways. So when I read this article in Glamshutter I felt inspired to address this question again. I am too fat,… Continue reading Why Appearance Matter?

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Ginkgo – Life Is Too Shirt

Frankly my sisters and I wouldn’t have walked into the store, if we haven’t noticed the “Sale” sign. Boy am I glad that we did. We had accidentally walked in to a treasure trove of organic cotton t-shirt store. Ginkgo is a t-shirt brand started by a french guy looking for some unique Vietnam themed… Continue reading Ginkgo – Life Is Too Shirt